On to Denver, where everyone hangs off of Carmelo’s every word….

We’ll start with the Rockies who, if you haven’t heard, have signed Troy Tulowitski for….well, basically the rest of his life. I also think that signing Ty Wiggington is a very good move. There’s also an open competition for the LF job. Plus they are still waiting to hear back from Jeff Francis.

Meanwhile the Nuggets continue to soak in Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. Personally I don’t think they’re gonna get much for him, since he won’t sign an extension. So I’d just say screw it and see how far he can take them this year. Who knows? Maybe they get into the finals and he decides he has to re-sign. Meanwhile there are some reactions to that terrible charging call on Carmelo the other night against the Spurs. Andrew Feinstein wonders why ‘Melo can’t be more like Tulo. A more urgent issue might be that the Nuggets were dominated by Kevin Love the other night. Woody Paige talks about the Nets’ positioning to offer three first rounders for Melo. Meanwhile, the Birdman is almost ready to go. K-Mart is even closer. And Chris Dempsey explains that Melo’s legacy is is simply winning games.

The Broncos are playing at the minute. Tim Tebow started. Lots of Post writers have ideas of how to fix the Broncos. Woody Paige examines the Orton/McDaniels situation.